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Allegra Antihistamine:

Formerly available by prescription only, Allegra is now available over the counters. >> Read more about Allegra.

Tylenol Allergy:

Tylenol Allergy combines the powerful pain relief of Tylenol with potent allergy medications. >> Read more about Tylenol Allergy.

Benadryl Allergy:

Benadryl Allergy contains diphenhydramine, which is a first generation antihistamine.
>> Read more about Benadryl Allergy.

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Natural Antihistamines

Natural Antihistamine Supplements:

Natural antihistamine supplements can help you control your allergies. >> Read about antihistamine supplements.

Natural Antihistamine Foods:

Many vitamins found in naturally occurring foods contain antihistamine properties. >> Read about antihistamine foods.

Natural Antihistamine Herbs:

Antihistamine herbs fight off histamine and stop the allergic reaction. >> Read more about antihistamine herbs.

>> About Natural Antihistamines


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>THC Breath Strips

THC breath strips look like any other typical medical-dissolve strip. They are just like the regular ones you can buy from the stores, except for the fact that these THC breath strips come loaded with 625mg of incredible THC.

THC breath strips have some advantageous elements that make them very attractive and user-friendly. One of their advantages is that they are discreet, or rather, very convenient. THC breath strips packs are portable and are easy to carry in a purse or wallet. This is amazing due to the fact that you will have them easily at your disposal, especially for those emergency moments when you need to get medicated. The best part of THC breath strips is that they are smoke free. This only adds to the fact that they are convenient and discreet, apart from the sticker on the package which the patient may wish to peel off. They also have a very decent and attractive taste, so they are similar to chewing on a gum that you like.

However, there are some factors related to THC breath strips which some people may consider to be a bit unpleasant. For instance, when they dissolve inside the mouth, they form a little lump of a thick and sticky substance. Some people may also not like THC breath strips due to the fact that they do not bring out the natural wholeness of the dried cannabis, and because they are also a bit thicker. Upon taking a strip, the effect is almost instant, and the intensity keeps on building up. After around 3 hours the effect starts to wear off, and could probably leave behind a feeling of heaviness in the head, and especially behind the eyes.

THC breath strips are the exact type of >sativa edibles any person with high tolerance should try, especially when traveling. Most patients take these with them on planes, cruises, etc with no relative issues. Also, if one strip is too much medicine, it is possible to cut it up into about eight tiny pieces, as each smaller piece is able to function effectively. More information can also be found on the High-Supplies site.