Antihistamine Liquids

Liquid antihistamine comes as an oral medication, throat spray, nasal spray and eye drops. Nasal antihistamine is not as effective as steroids, but many people are not able to tolerate the steroids or are concerned about the side effects and prefer an antihistamine. Also, nasal sprays containing an antihistamine can be purchased over the counter.

Liquid Antihistamine for Children

A liquid antihistamine is formulated for children as young as six months to help with stuffy noses and persistent coughing due to colds, flu or allergies. This antihistamine comes in a variety of colors and tastes including grape, cherry and bubblegum. Since they look, smell and taste good, children usually take the antihistamine without putting up much of a fuss. Parents should use caution to store all medicines out of the child’s reach.

Adult Antihistamine

Adult antihistamine formula’s come in both a non-drowsy daytime and night-time version that allows the user to fall asleep. The antihistamine that comes in a bottle usually has a dosing cup included to ensure that the correct amount is taken. Sprays are usually measured and the dosing instructions say to use one or two squirts per dose. Even though bubblegum may not be a popular adult flavor, many of the antihistamine formulas come in citrus and grape.

Liquid Antihistamine Product

Theraflu® has a unique twist on the liquid by selling the medication as a powder that can be dissolved in a cup of hot water and consumed like tea. It comes in a citrus, honey lemon, berry, apple-cinnamon and honey lemon sugar-free flavor. Theraflu also sells a warming liquid product that is advertised to quickly relieve symptoms such as nasal congestion, sore throat, runny nose, headache, body ache, cough and fever. Theraflu also makes products for cold, sinus, flu,sore throat, cough and congestion.