Antihistamine Nasal Spray

Antihistamine medications can come in several forms and one of those is a nasal spray. When the body has a reaction to an allergen, it produces an excess amount of histamine. An antihistamine helps get rid of the symptoms caused by the flood of histamine through the body. Antihistamine medications can come in lotions, pills and nasal sprays. The different antihistamine types have different purposes. Pills are the more widespread of the types and they will affect the entire body. One of the major symptoms of allergic reactions is a runny nose. This usually is accompanied by watery eyes and sometimes a headache and itching.

About Allergic Reactions

When you are allergic to something, being near it will cause the body to produce excessive amounts of histamine. Histamine is a natural chemical in the body, but too much of it makes the capillaries more permeable in certain areas causing the release of fluids which leads to the watery eyes and runny noses. When the body is going through this, people generally want the symptoms to go away and so they take an antihistamine. When an antihistamine is in the system, it takes up the histamine receptor sites and blocks the receptors from interacting with histamine. If a person does not suffer from all of the typical symptoms of allergic reactions, they may want an antihistamine nasal spray instead of the pill.

How the Antihistamine Nasal Spray is Used

An antihistamine nasal spray is taken in the same manner as other nasal sprays. The spray bottle may need to be primed the first few times it is used. Some antihistamine nasal sprays will direct the user to shake the bottle before priming or use, so follow the directions for it. Priming the antihistamine bottle is simple. To prime the bottle, you simply pull the sides of it down as if you were going to spray it until it releases some of the medicine into the air. This makes it so that the bottle will release the antihistamine into the nose on the first try once it is in there.

Antihistamine Nasal Spray Prescription Drugs

There are two types of prescription antihistamine nasal sprays. The first is called Astelin and the second is called Patanase. These have to be given by a doctor because nasal sprays have risks. Taking an antihistamine nasal spray gets the medicine in the body right away through the blood vessels in the nose. When using antihistamine nasal sprays, simply put the nozzle into the nose and pump the release. This will send the antihistamine into the nose where it can get direct access to the blood stream to start blocking the histamine receptor sites for fast symptom relief.

Understand the Antihistamine You Are Taking

When using an antihistamine like any other medication, it is important to follow all instructions. Since taking antihistamine drugs can cause drowsiness and other side effects, make sure you know how it will affect you before doing any demanding tasks like operating a vehicle. Do not take more than recommended doses unless told to do so by your doctor and use the right medicines.