Antihistaminic Effects of Marijuana

There are many studies and publications which deal with the various effects marijuana has on the human body, but one aspect which is not commonly reported is its positive effect on patients suffering from allergies and hypersensitivities. Apart from reducing stress and anxiety, which are often psychological components of the heightened immune response behind allergic reactions, marijuana has a moderate to strong antihistaminic effect and, thus, can be combined well with over-the-counter medical products of that group.

The main psychoactive component found in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. It is also the most active biochemical in cannabis, and as such is responsible for many of the effects marijuana exerts on various bodily functions in humans. In studies on patients suffering from asthma, THC resulted in almost instant relief and long-lasting bronchial dilation. Many allergic reactions involve narrowing or blockage of the airways, which can have serious or fatal consequences. Marijuana, in combination with antihistamine medication, can help keep the natural airflow unobstructed.

Antihistamines are a class of synthetic immunosuppressants, and THC is a natural substance which can control immune over-function. Studies in both humans and animals have demonstrated the ability of marijuana to hinder a number of allergic responses, both respiratory and dermatological. Among these, allergic reactions which affect the skin are notoriously difficult to manage, and treatment can last for extended periods of time. The constant irritation often makes patients scratch and cause themselves bruising, wounds, and infections. Along with conventional antihistamines, marijuana provides relief both through THC's biochemical properties and through the mental effect of relaxation, which greatly reduces restlessness and the urge to scratch.

Combining marijuana with most standard medication has been proven safe in controlled trials. Various doses of THC often outperform anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or antihistamines. So, if you suffer from allergies and your antihistamines do not get the job done, combining them with marijuana is a safe option, medically speaking, and definitely worth a try. At high-supplies.com you can find different cannabis varieties, which will supply the right THC levels for your ailment. Fight hay fever with a green leaf!