What Is The Best Antihistamine

The best antihistamine can block allergy producing histamines from entering your body. Histamines are allergy producing agents that occur naturally at the cellular level. Allergic reactions can include itchy watery eyes, upper respiratory infections or irritation, runny nose, nausea, sleep disorders and stomach ulcers.

The best antihistamines are divided into two kinds of drugs H-1 receptor antagonists and H-2. Receptor antagonists H-1 is primarily used to treat allergy symptoms by inhibiting the effects of histamines invading the body. H-2 is often used to treat related digestive and stomach disorders associated with allergies.

Millions of people who suffer with histamine allergies inherit the problem from their parents. If one parent has allergies there is a 50-50 chance that their children will suffer from the same allergies. If both parents suffer from allergies there is a 70% chance that their children will inherit the same affliction. The best antihistamines are the most effective if taken before exposure to the histamines.

According to the American Academy of Asthma, Allergies and Immunology, about 50 million Americans suffer from some form of allergies. This has fueled an $18 billion industry all claiming to have the best antihistamine on the market.

Why is it the best antihistamine?

The first effective antihistamine was marketed in 1942. Since that time there has been considerable research in the study of allergies, histamines, and antihistamines. This has lead to break through in other forms of medicine. For example: Through years of research to discover new more effective forms of the best antihistamines in the 1990's lead to the discovery of a drug that may lessen the severity of Alzheimer's disease.

In the 1980's antihistamines were the most prescribed drugs on the market. The brand name Zantac® was the most prescribed antihistamine. Zantac® now has an over-the-counter version of their best antihistamine formula.

How does the best antihistamine work?

No matter what brand name you use the best antihistamines are manufactured for specific types of allergies. The primary therapeutic use of the H-1 receptor antagonists is to antagonize the histamines released from cells by antigens-antibody effects. This reduces the effects of the histamines including bronchial infections and irritation, nasal discomfort, skin irritation and other allergy reactions. H-1 receptor antagonists are not effective drugs for treatment of asthma.

The H-2 receptor antagonists are much newer discovery that can reduce the acid secretions in the stomach causing heartburn and gastric reflux. Esophagitis stress ulcers of the stomach and digestive tract can be reduced.

The best antihistamines of the H-2 receptor antagonists can reduce the effects of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome which produces tumor cells that release large amounts of gastric acid secretions. These best antihistamines can also promote healing of the ZE syndrome.

Even the best antihistamines should only be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers under a doctor's strict supervision. It is best to avoid alcohol use while taking the best antihistamines.

The best antihistamines are the ones that work best for you.