Brompheniramine Dimetapp Antihistamine

Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Elixir is an antihistamine and phenylephrine medicine for cold and allergy symptoms. Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Elixir comes in both syrup and chewable tablet form. Dimetapp antihistamine medicine is great for the temporary relief of allergy symptoms.

As the name suggests, an antihistamine blocks histamines. Antihistamines prevent histamines from attaching to histamine receptors. Histamines are organic compounds that cause an inflammatory response in humans. Histamines are responsible for most seasonal allergies. If left untreated, allergy symptoms tend to get worse. While allergies can go away on their own, prolonged irritation can lead to long term respiratory problems. Because of this, it is always best to try to control irritation with a mild antihistamine.

Common allergens that induce inflammatory histamine responses include pollen, rag weed, dust, pet hair, mold and dander. Seasonal allergies are typically caused by outdoor plants, mostly pollen and ragweed, and are often strongest in the spring. Airborne allergens can be a nightmare for those who feel their wrath. A good antihistamine medicine is the best way to control these airborne allergies for most people.

Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Elixir


Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Elixir serves as an anti inflammatory, antihistamine, cold remedy. Dimetapp's antihistamine properties help relieve symptoms commonly caused by seasonal allergies. Because an antihistamine is also an anti-inflammatory, and because Dimetapp contains a nasal decongestant, Dimetapp also works as a remedy for the common cold.

Dimetapp temporarily relieves sneezing, runny noses, stuffy noses and itchy or watery eyes. Dimetapp's antihistamine and congestive fighting ingredients relieve stuffy noses and nose and throat irritation. Dimetapp will also relieve allergy induced fevers and can help relieve respiratory problems caused by allergy symptoms. Brompheniramine maleate is the active antihistamine ingredient in both the tablet and syrup form for Dimetapp Cold and Allergy. Phenylephrine acts as a nasal decongestant.

Who may take Antihistamines

Antihistamine cold and allergy medicine is safe for children and adults. Patients taking an antihistamine should always heed the instructions on the label to avoid complications. Drowsiness is the most common reported side effect related to Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Elixir. As such, you should never take a Dimetapp antihistamine with alcohol, and you should never take Dimetapp antihistamine before driving. Additionally, although Dimetapp antihistamine will induce sleep, it should never be used as a sleep aid.

As with any type of new drug, you should always consult your doctor prior to consistent use. This is especially true for pregnant women, people on antidepressants, people with chronic illnesses or conditions, or people taking other prescription drugs. While Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Elixir is okay for young children, children under six years old should not take this drug.

Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Elixir has a grape flavor that kids love. Dimetapp offers one of the most pleasant ways to take an antihistamine. If you are seeking relief from seasonal allergy symptoms, or the common cold, it may be time to try Dimetapp Cold and Allergy Elixir's amazing antihistamine formula.