Doxylamine : Vicks NyQuil : Alka-Seltzer Plus Antihistamine

For those plagued by colds or allergies, an antihistamine can be the difference between suffering through the day in discomfort or feeling well enough to go about daily activities. Many allergy sufferers are very familiar with antihistamine medications and the relief they give, but are not knowledgeable about how they work or their active ingredients.

It can be a miserable experience to suffer through the day with allergies or a cold. Perhaps even worse than having to function during the day is being kept up throughout the night by illness. Allergy and cold sufferers don't need to spend sleepless nights plagued by sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and other symptoms. An antihistamine with doxylamine as the active ingredient (such as Vicks Nyquil and Alka Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine, for example) can give sufferers relief by not only treating the symptoms but also making it easier sleep and get much-needed rest.

How the Antihistamine Works

Antihistamine drugs block the effects of histamine, the chemical that causes the annoying symptoms of colds and allergies. When histamines are triggered and released in the body, they attach to receptors in the body (particularly in the throat and nose) and cause the receptors to leak into the body resulting in congestion, sneezing, and other symptoms that can keep sufferers up all night. Once they are released, histamines cause symptoms very quickly, so it’s important to take an antihistamine as soon as symptoms are felt.

Antihistamines block the histamines by preventing them from binding to the receptors. Most work fifteen to thirty minutes after being taken. An antihistamine helps stop congestion, itching, sneezing, and other symptoms. Antihistamines can help sufferers deal with these symptoms day or night. An antihistamine with doxylamine as the active ingredient gives sufferers an added measure of comfort, particularly at night.


Doxylamine is an antihistamine found in many nighttime medications which acts as a sedative. Medicines that include the antihistamine doxylamine not only ease the symptoms of allergies and colds, but also encourage restorative sleep. Doxylamine is usually found in nighttime versions of traditional antihistamine medications. It can be extremely helpful to those suffering and having trouble sleeping. Because many times sleeping can be key to helping to relieve symptoms and speed recovery, sufferers need to do everything they can to ensure that they do get sleep. The antihistamine doxylamine is a great way to ease symptoms, ensure sleep, and, thus, recovery.

When taking an antihistamine, particularly doxylamine, users should be careful not to drive or participate in any other activities, as marked drowsiness may occur. An antihistamine can also interact with certain medications, so it’s important to check with your doctor before beginning to take an antihistamine.

There are a number of companies that produce antihistamines. For those looking for antihistamines to ease allergy and cold symptoms, there are a variety of brands depending on the needs of the patient. For sufferers dealing with colds and allergies at night, the antihistamine doxylamine is a great option for relief.